The Customer Value Index is a joint venture between The Porter Group, LLC and wRatings Corporation.

Jeff Cherry
CEO and Managing Partner, The Porter Group, LLC

As a CEO, hedge fund manager, designer, entrepreneur, educator, mentor and consultant Mr. Cherry has a diverse and unique career spanning more than 25 years of executive leadership. During his time as an executive and business consultant Jeff has developed significant expertise in a broad range of operational disciplines and industries including: technology, design and construction, finance, hospitality and professional services. As a thought leader in the areas of stakeholder management and the emerging discipline of Conscious Capitalism®, Jeff had the honor of consulting with authors David Wolfe and Raj Sisodia on their 2007 book Firms of Endearment, How World Class Companies Profit from Passion and Purpose. Jeff later expanded on the concepts of Conscious Capitalism® to form Concinnity Advisors, a registered investment advisory firm focused on identifying and investing in companies operating from a more holistic, long-term value mindset. Prior to forming Concinnity Advisors Jeff was the co-head of research for Multi-stakeholder investment strategies for a multi-billion dollar hedge fund based in Stamford, CT. Prior to that Jeff spent 20 years as founder and CEO of Lloyd Lamont Design, Inc. a multi-faceted management, architecture and technology consulting firm, which was named one of the fastest growing privately held companies by Inc. Magazine in 1997. Jeff is currently a member of the Society of Human Resources Management, ANSI Investor Metrics Workgroup and has just finished writing a chapter on how institutional investors can help bring about changes in corporate behavior for a book on catalyzing Conscious Capitalism® to be compiled and edited by the authors of Firms of Endearment.

Gary A. Williams
CEO, wRatings Corporation
Managing Partner, G2 Equity Partners

Gary is a pioneer in the area of customer research. For more than 20 years, he has served as an advisor to investors, CEO's and senior executives around the world. A recognized authority and speaker on competitive strength, he has been honored for his strategic insights and uncanny ability to interpret data. In 1998, Gary co-founded Miller-Williams Inc., a research firm dedicated to measuring market movements based on customer behavior. He built the patented strategic profiling research method through extensive field studies and academic interviews with authorities in behavioral psychology and statistics. In 2004, he extended the research system to correlate customer pricing power with financial metrics that identify whether a company has built a competitive advantage. Through this system, Gary and his research team study competitive strength of market-leading companies across all sectors of the global economy. They build comprehensive market models based on customer expectations, and are then able to measure how well companies are meeting those expectations. Using insights from this extensive database of successful strategies, he provides advisory services to many public equity investment managers and business leaders. In May 2002, his research was featured as the cover article of Harvard Business Review, Change The Way You Persuade. Gary's first book, The 5 Paths to Persuasion (Warner Business Books 2004), has been translated into seven languages and was voted by Fast Company readers as book of the month in July 2004.

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